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We take great pride in providing quality customer service. Not quality in the terms of simply meeting a basic standard or expectation, but quality in the terms best described as “the result of care.” We genuinely care about our customers and the quality of service each of our customers receive and their overall experience with us. We are more than an answering service, more than a vendor, we are a partner in servicing your clients with the same quality and values that you strive to provide. Allow ProTel the opportunity to provide you with service that truly is “the result of care.”

Karen Roberts

ProTel, Inc.

Chad Davis

Vice President
ProTel, Inc.

Chad Roberts

ProTel, Inc.

Andrea Gosnell

Customer Relations Liaison Manager

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ProTel offers a variety of services that can take any business to the next level, including office assistance protocols, call managing structures, emergency dispatch, and virtual receptionists for the medical and commercial industries. Let us help, contact us now to get started!