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ProTel offers a variety of services that can take any business to the next level, including office assistance protocols, call managing structures, emergency dispatch, and virtual receptionists for the medical and commercial industries.

24/7 Live Agent Support and After-Hours Dispatch

We handle your calls as if we are your office so you can be a 24/7/365 business.

Virtual Receptionist and Scheduling Call Center

Let us traffic your calls, schedule or change appointments, set up new client or patient information and more.

Consult Dispatch

We function as the reliable and secure liaison between the consulting physician/hospital and the requested physician/clinic.

Voice Recording

A voice logger is used to protect our customers and their clients/patients, as well as maintain security and quality assurance.

Smartphone Integration

Our Secure Messaging app and Online Account Management services are fully smartphone integrated.

In-bound Sales and Order Entry

We can receive and input orders for products or services as well as provide customer service support.

Online Account Management

We use an online web portal, which is an all-inclusive, effective management solution tool for any business, which you can access 24/7 from a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Call Screening and Voicemail

We offer customized call screening to easily inform your callers of standard information such as office hours and standard voicemail boxes for non-urgent messages.

Secure SMS/Text Notification

Communicate conveniently with colleagues or clients immediately and efficiently through text messaging.

Customized Dispatching

We adapt to any business needs, and can easily and efficiently handle needs within the same company on a person-by-person basis.

Live Agent Appointment Verification and Scheduling

We can confirm, cancel or reschedule immediately and easily—keeping everyone on track.

Trauma Lines

If your hospital has a trauma department, we can assist with quickly documenting trauma codes and notifying the necessary entities.